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Our Story

The development of Horseshoe Bay began nearly 50 years ago with the vision of two men from Brady, Texas – Norman and Wayne Hurd.

In 1968 Norman and his wife, Dorothy, were looking for acreage on Lake LBJ on which to build a home. What they saw was the property referred to by locals as the "Coke" Ranch (because its owners, the Lupton family, were Coca–Cola bottlers in Fort Worth).Norman had enjoyed successes in oil, gas and mineral exploration, as well as real estate promotion and envisioned a possible development. 

When he was told that the ranch was not for sale, Norman turned to his cousin Wayne, a successful home builder and real estate developer, for assistance. Wayne had been instrumental in the development of Las Colinas in Dallas. He was a past president of Las Colinas Corporation and served on the Board of Directors of Southland Financial Corporation.

"I immediately saw the potential for the development of a resort," Wayne says. "The Lupton Ranch was in a great location. I told Norman I would join him in trying to purchase and develop it. We agreed that our goal would be the creation of something Texas did not have at that time–a top quality resort."

The Hurds formed Lake LBJ Improvement Corporation to develop the property, the stock of which was equally owned by Norman and Wayne. In 1971 the Hurds acquired loans totaling $4.7 million to purchase the balance of the ranch and begin development of the resort.

Horseshoe Bay Resort was master-planned under the philosophy that the amenities would outlive the land development. Also that the development was to be based on becoming one of the State’s fines membership clubs and destination resorts. The amenities were established to serve as hallmarks of tradition, yet timeless in design in order to transform with ever-changing lifestyle. Membership value was founded as distinctive, exclusive, and uniquely suited to captivate all that is above standard within private club offerings.

Endorsed by many as the premier members club and destination resort in Texas upon opening in 1971, Horseshoe Bay Resort continues to uphold quality and uniqueness of lifestyles. Extraordinary vision and operational expertise continue to be the driving force for ongoing creation and innovation for years to come.  The hotel, ___rooms and suites, was built in 2004.

The Jaffe family took controlling interest in the resort in 1995. To date they oversee the development of the club and resort. Today the amenity-rich property has grown to become one of the largest destinations in the country. The Jaffe group partnered with IBC Bank in 2014 when they earmarked ninety million dollars in improved, expanded and new amenities and amenity services.

A unique factor about Horseshoe Bay is that all Resort amenities are under the ownership of a single entity thereby allowing the ability to offer seamless member experiences, and control access and use to the benefit of its members.