Horseshoe Bay Club Tennis & Pickleball Guest Policies

Tennis & Pickleball Guest Policies

  • Tennis and Pickleball court time is for members and resort guests only.
  • A member may have a guest under the following terms;
    • $12 guest fee is required,
    • The guest fee is to be paid by the member. There is not an option for the guest to pay their own fees.
  • Members will be required to register their guest upon making a court reservation (In person or when calling to reserve a court.)
  • A court may be reserved for up to 2 hours
  • A guest may play 12 times per year.
    • One week prior to tournaments hosted at Horseshoe Bay Resort a member may bring their partner as a guest to practice. Those plays/practice sessions will not be counted towards their 12 visits or require the $12 guest fee.
  • A member may only reserve one court at a time and must include the name of the guest (s), if applicable.
  • A court may be reserved up to 7 days in advance.
  • Only Olympic, Links and Summit Members can book courts and participate in organized club activities.
  • Society members will be considered guests.
  • Membership may host social/play days to introduce Society Members to the game.